lunes, 20 de octubre de 2008

Hellas on Screen. Cinematic Receptions of Ancient History, Literature and Myth

The recent success of Hollywood blockbusters such as Troy, Alexander and 300 demonstrates how popular Greek antiquity still is and how well it can be marketed. Today as in the golden age of the peplum-genre, its myths, the Homeric heroes, the Attic tragedies, and – less frequently – historical personages such as Alexander the Great or the Spartan king Leonidas represent Hellas. The authors of this volume highlight the many and varied forms of the reception of ancient Hellas in the history of the cinema, from mythology to Roman Greece, from the era of silent films to the new millennium. In this, they are examining classic films, recent releases, and lesser known and often overlooked productions.


Robin Lane Fox: Preface
Irene Berti / Marta García Morcillo: Introduction: “Does Greece – and Cinema – need another Alexander?”
Nacho García: Classic Sceneries: Setting Ancient Greece in Film Architecture
Martin Lindner: Colourful Heroes. Ancient Greece and the Children’s Animation Film
Luigi Spina: By Heracles! From Satyr-Play to Peplum
Herbert Verreth: Odysseus’ journey through film
Pantelis Michelakis: The Legend of Oedipus: Silent Cinema, Theatre, Photography
Filippo Carlà: Pasolini, Aristotle and Freud: Filmed Drama between Psychoanalysis and “Neoclassicism”
Fernando Lillo Redonet: Sparta and Ancient Greece in The 300 Spartans
Irene Berti: “A rare ensample of Friendship true”: the story of Damon and Pythias
Anja Wieber: Celluloid Alexander(s): A Hero from the Past as Role Model for the Present?
Ivana Petrovic: Plutarch’s and Stone’s Alexander
Angelos Chaniotis: Making Alexander Fit for the Twenty-first Century: Oliver Stone’s Alexander
Eleonora Cavallini: Phryne: from Knidian Venus to Movie Star
Marta García Morcillo: Graecia capta? Depictions of Greeks and Hellas in “Roman films”
List of contributors

Irene Berti, Marta García Morcillo (eds.), Hellas on Screen. Cinematic Receptions of Ancient History, Literature and Myth, Franz Steiner Verlag, Stuttgart, 2008 (ISBN 978-3-515-09223-4).